Bath Rubber Duck Toys 12 Pack Yellow

Rubber duck toys are popular bath toys made from soft, rubbery material. They are designed in the shape of a small duck and are typically bright yellow in color, although you can find them in various colors and designs. Rubber duck toys have been a beloved childhood toy for generations and are a staple in many children’s bathrooms.

Here are some key points about rubber duck toys:

1. Materials: Rubber ducks are typically made from vinyl plastic or rubber, which makes them float on water. They are soft and flexible to the touch, making them safe for children to play with in the bath.

2. Design: The classic rubber duck design features a round body, a pointed beak, and a flat bottom to help them stay upright in water. Some rubber ducks also have a small hole in the bottom that allows them to squeak when squeezed.

3. Variety: While the traditional yellow rubber duck is the most common, there are many variations available. You can find rubber ducks in different colors, patterns, and even themed designs, such as superhero ducks, holiday-themed ducks, and more.

4. Purpose: Rubber ducks are primarily used as bath toys for children. They are designed to float on the water’s surface, making bath time more enjoyable for kids. They can also serve as a comforting toy for young children who might be apprehensive about bathing.

5. Collectibles: Rubber ducks have gained a cult following among collectors. Some people collect rare or unique rubber ducks, and there are even rubber duck races held in various locations around the world where thousands of rubber ducks are released into a river or stream to raise money for charity.

6. History: Rubber ducks have been around for over a century. The first rubber duck was patented in the late 19th century, and they gained popularity as a bath toy in the early 20th century.

7. Educational Value: Rubber ducks can also have educational benefits. They can be used to teach children about buoyancy, cause and effect (squeezing to make them squeak), and basic water play.

8. Safety: When using rubber duck toys with infants and young children, it’s essential to ensure the toy is made from non-toxic materials and doesn’t have small parts that could be a choking hazard.

Overall, rubber duck toys are simple yet timeless toys that bring joy to children during bath time and have a place in pop culture as well. Whether you’re a child splashing around in the tub or an adult collector, rubber ducks continue to be a source of enjoyment and nostalgia for many people.

Rubber Duck

Rubber Duck 

MAKE BATH TIME FUN – With these 12 cute little rubber duck tub toys that float upright, your kids will always be looking forward to their next bath. These small squirt toys will change your lil boys or girls view on bathtub time forever- from chore to Treat!

  • BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT COLOR – These vivid yellow rubber duckies are a pleasure to look at and will provide visual stimulation for your baby 6 to 12 or 18 months+ and up and hours of fun to play as floating baby bath toys with in the tub
  • VARIETY OF USES – There are so many great uses for these squeaky yellow rubber ducks. They will make the perfect birthday party favors supplies for baby or toddler birthday and holiday parties & babies showers, or as a toy for fun pool squirt toys, squeaky dog toys and of course flooding 1 year old & infant bath toys or travel toy. They can also be used as a car dashboard decoration or a decorative bathroom set piece, washroom decorations or all over house for warm homey touch
  • SPREAD JOY – Take part in the newest smile spreading craze of Truck Ducking! This twelve pack of mini yellow rubber ducks are perfect to use to brighten someone’s day! Simply place on their car with a nice note and you will surely make them smile! Also good for baby shower, bathroom décor set and fun bath time toy for infant children and toddlers
  • COMPLETELY SAFE AND BPA FREE – All of our little yellow rubber ducky toys are completely safe and stringently tested to adhere with the highest standards of both the ASTM and CPSIA for toy safety. Because your children’s safety is our #1 Priority


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