India’s Role in Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis

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Sri Lanka, a country known for its natural beauty and rich culture, is currently facing an economic crisis. The country, which was once considered a close friend of India, has found itself in a dire situation. In the past, Sri Lanka has relied on India’s support during difficult times, but it seems that the country has forgotten the valuable assistance it received. This blog explores the economic crisis in Sri Lanka and highlights the role India has played in helping the nation.

The Economic Downfall

Sri Lanka’s downfall began when it turned its back on India and sought help from China. The Chinese government took advantage of this situation and ensnared Sri Lanka in a web of debt. Sri Lanka’s economy suffered greatly, causing widespread poverty and hunger among its citizens. People were forced to pay exorbitant amounts for basic necessities, such as transportation and cooking gas cylinders. The situation became dire, and the Maldives, another country in the region, faced similar challenges.

India’s Support

In the midst of the crisis, India stepped forward to lend a helping hand. India has always been a reliable ally to Sri Lanka, providing support during times of need. When the Maldives faced riots and protests in 2000, India was the first country to extend its recognition and offer assistance. India’s support was not limited to diplomatic recognition; it also provided military aid, including aircraft and helicopters, to ensure the safety of the Maldivian people.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, India once again proved its commitment to the Maldives. It was among the first countries to send COVID-19 vaccines to the Maldives, helping the nation combat the deadly virus. Additionally, when the Maldives faced a water crisis, India sent mineral water bottles until the country’s water supply was restored. India has also been instrumental in providing medical evacuation services to the Maldives, ensuring that critically ill patients receive the necessary treatment in Indian hospitals. The medications and medical supplies used in the Maldives are often sourced from India.

The Importance of India’s Assistance

India’s assistance to the Maldives is not limited to humanitarian aid; it also plays a crucial role in the nation’s development. India has been a key partner in recognizing the Maldives as an independent country when other nations hesitated. India’s support has helped the Maldives gain recognition and establish itself on the global stage.

Furthermore, India’s influence extends beyond diplomatic and military aid. The Maldives heavily relies on India for trade and economic support. The Maldivian economy is closely linked to India, and any disruption in this relationship could have severe consequences for the Maldives. The Maldives must be cautious not to become a slave to China, as Sri Lanka did. Sri Lanka’s decision to align itself with China has had detrimental effects on its economy, and the Maldives could face a similar fate if it continues down that path.


The current economic crisis in Sri Lanka serves as a stark reminder of the importance of India’s support. India has played a significant role in helping Sri Lanka and the Maldives during difficult times. The Maldives, in particular, must not forget the valuable assistance it has received from India. India has proven to be a reliable partner, providing aid in times of crisis and contributing to the nation’s development. The Maldives should be wary of becoming China’s puppet, as Sri Lanka did, as it could lead to dire consequences for the nation. It is essential for the Maldives to recognize India’s contributions and maintain a strong relationship with its neighbor for a prosperous future.

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